About Us

Rustic Revolution creates unique pieces by combining local, organic wool & wood

We are a husband and wife team who enjoy coming up with innovative ideas of combining the two materials we work in.

Quite often the natural forms of the wood & wool determines the end result which works well for us as neither of us ‘do straight lines’.
We are both self taught & like learning through discovery in a serendipitous way
We hope our work inspires a feeling of fun,  a chance to participate & gives a sense that anything is possible (or almost anyway) when we allow ourselves time to explore
We are influenced by the stunning environment of Pembrokeshire & the deep rooted myths of this magikal place & sometimes just by mad stuff that comes out of our noggins that we think is funny….
Quite often our children influence & guide us with creative ideas  (our daughter mainly) & are pretty good at carding (mainly by our son) and stabbing the wool. Also our son has a technical brain so helps with designing & making automated interactive pieces, so all in all it’s bit of a family affair.



Dom also produces music which can be found here Dom’s music